Biodex Machine

Physical limitations can be quickly and objectively identified, treated, and documented with the Biodex Dynamometer. The Biodex machine may be set up to evaluate different joints and muscle groups, but we typically use it with patients who need to strengthen or retrain their quadriceps.

What Is It?

The Biodex Isotonic Mode allows exercise with a fixed resistance at variable speeds controlled by the patient, allowing the clinician to evaluate the patient's ability to accelerate and decelerate their limbs or a fixed load. This functional form of muscle loading is often referred to as power training.

What are the Benefits?

During the early stages of rehab, acute/post-surgical, the Biodex System allows the clinician hands-on control to achieve the results the patient needs most:Decrease joint effusion. Increase range of motion. Improve healing of the articular cartilage and soft tissues.