Thermamonials, aka Testimonials

Just wanted to let everybody know how grateful I am to you for getting my knee back into shape for this 2011 year season.

I can certainly say I was able to start the season not 100%, but through continued rehab (on my own) and rehab at some of the university’s I’ve worked at so far. I am so close to being 100%. I’m to the point that I do not feel the pressure building up inside the knee when bending, and I’m running as fast as ever, (if you want to call that fast)!

I’ve worked all over the southeast so far, (approx. 60 games), and have about that many more to do between now and the end of May. The NCAA conference series has now begun, I’m everywhere from south Florida to Mississippi to North Carolina.

Bass Rehab certainly took care of me with professionalism and individual attention. Chuck and everyone there were very helpful.
Thanks again, and May God Bless!