What are the Benefits?

Stress often stiffens the body, creating pain such as cramps and tightness in the tendons. Whirlpool baths provide warm water, comforting jets and massaging bubbles. Beyond muscle and tension relief, the pulsating jets of a Whirlpool increase the blood flow to the body, thereby increasing circulation.

Whirlpool Therapy

The whirlpool is a large tub that is filled with water. The body part that is to be treated is then placed in the tub of water, and a small motor agitates the water. While in the water, you can move your body part to help improve the motion around the injured area.

What Is It?

Warm whirlpools can increase circulation, as the heat helps to open up small arteries in the body. Increased circulation can bring fresh blood, oxygen, and cells to the injured area, which can promote healing.